Reliable Asphalt Paving

Whether you are a business owner or property manager, you know that asphalt paving is necessary to keep your business’ entrance in great shape. You are also probably familiar with the uncertainly of results that comes with choosing a less-than-impressive contractor. You can get the quality result you need from OSC. You will not have to micromanage our professional team.

Preserve & Protect Your Property

The simple but attractive appearance of a fresh surface will help improve the experience with your property that your residents, employees, clients and customers enjoy. Your driveway is one of the things that your visitors base their first impression on, and it is overlooked far too often.

Onsite Contracting Inc. has installed top-quality driveway surfaces for properties across the Greater Toronto Area. Our experienced pavers work with you to ensure your lots are durable and remain in good condition. We provide a 1-year warranty on all our work.

Prior to laying surface material, we will thoroughly investigate your property for anything that could cause an issue down the road, and we will rectify it. For this reason, our warranty is rarely depended on.

Unmatched Quality & Workmanship

How often do you resurface your driveway? You might be surprised to find that when done properly, it can last more than a decade.

Extreme temperatures and heavy vehicles can cause cracks and breaks in all surfacing materials every once in a while. Onsite Contracting Inc. provides superior resurfacing to preserve the smoothness and durability of your most heavily trafficked areas.

If pot holes have started to form in small quantities, we can provide repairs to extend the lifetime of your previous paving job.

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